The tale of Microsoft Office Suite

How Microsoft Office is Changing Lives.

We live in a world where we are surrounded by technology. Technology has always been there. It has been a tool of support in our daily lives. One of those tools of technology is the ground breaking multi functionality tool that we still love to use is the Microsoft Office Suite.

Even while writing this article, I am using a MS-Office product. Without this tool we couldn’t think of the present we are living in be it in the official world or your personal life.

The growth of personal computing did lead to software development in various sectors and MS office had an answer to all your data computing, spreadsheet, database creation, email drafting and may more such very common uses. MS Office suite helps you prepare any document, worksheet, presentation to showcase your business products or design your college projects. You have directly or indirectly used an application from this suite and it certainly has made your day better and has helped you in ways you can’t even imagine.

Applications That Comes with MS Office:

• MS Word

• MS Excel

• MS PowerPoint

• MS Access

• MS Publisher

• MS Outlook

• MS OneNote

• MS InfoPath

• MS Tools

With a suite of such powerful tools empowering billions of students and millions of business, we can’t think of living without them. Even though my father started his job doing paperwork. Currently, at the age of 55 he had to undergo a Ms-Office training to stay relevant to the job. This is a tool which is an unofficial pre-requisite to any organisation you are willing to work for.

A Computer on every desk and every home

While this was the primary idea of “Bill Gates” and “Paul Allen” decades ago. At present we realize that this goal has been almost achieved. Over a billion PCs are now in use in businesses and homes around the world.

At present office is targeted towards different end users and computing environments. The original and most widely used version is the, Desktop version or the PC version. Available for PCs running the Windows and macOS. Microsoft also maintains mobile apps for Android and iOS. Office on the web is a light weight version of the software which runs of web browsers or Chromebook.

Any platform, any device and any OS, Microsoft has got you covered. At this point it seems like they have a monopoly in this game.

A game changing note taking app – OneNote

With the introduction of the OneNote app in the Office suite, the students had a moment to rejoice.

It is the most powerful tool that can a student have to jot down their school or university notes in a very efficient, organised, clean and beautiful way. Features like handwriting recognition & touch support gives a tremendous boost to the productivity of an individual.

One can create high quality notes, mark up, annotations and can make their notes to be attractive so that once they open it later, they can just start away without a fuss.

And the most beautiful thing about one note is it is essentially free of cost. You do not need to pay for using this app. The app is available in mobile devices also to support you editing your notes on the go. Also, with a Microsoft account logged in to the app. You can sync your notes to every device in which you work on. This app was originally made for students to support their venture to their education.

Legacy Apps

I think here I don’t have to say a word about how powerful and innovative have the Microsoft legacy office apps have been such as the Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

There is no point in explaining the importance of these apps to anyone who have ever used any. Anyone be it a clerk at a government office or a writer at the professional level, everyone uses a Microsoft word application for text editing.

Microsoft Word has been the go-to tool for word formatting and official document creation. Any organisation be it at the small level or a big enterprise the documentations are made on this application only. Now there is no shortage of similar apps like MS Word which provides similar functionality. But it is the robustness of the Microsoft suite combined with their timely updates that each and every organisation and individual is sticking to this suite.

Microsoft Excel is the industry standard for a spreadsheet software. Again, there are a plethora of similar apps out there in the marker. Some of them are free also like the’s Calc spreadsheet package. But the same thing goes here also as it is with other apps of Microsoft. It is the evolution of the app. Other providers have not updated their service for quite a few time that they look ages old now. But Microsoft on the other hand has always come up with modern design choices and great user experience.

Be it large Database management or maintaining financial information. Microsoft Excel has got you covered. With powerful data analysis and data visualization tools, many data scientists also prefer this GUI based database app.

Microsoft PowerPoint has seen no competition at all. I haven’t come across any presentation software which is close to the features provided by PowerPoint. Exquisite slide design choices with great onboard graphics and template provided, it is the preferred solution in the corporate world to showcase their product presentations or any other presentations which involve visualizing complex data models with the help of bar charts, pie-charts, histograms, etc.

It offers compelling features for the animation and the slideshows completed together with a great pool of transitions. In the recent versions of the PowerPoint presentation software, you can also export a full HD presentation video with animations and transitions to help the individual creators save their time over complex video editing tools.

Now there are a plethora of other apps provided in the office suite which are specifically catered to meet the requirements of a particular job like the Publisher, access, outlook, etc which we are not going to talk about. You just got the hang of it what we are trying to tell you.

Is Microsoft being greedy lately?

Office 365 is the Microsoft’s answer to the cloud solution to the great office suite which they already have. All Office 365 plans include automatic updates to their respective software at no additional charge, as opposed to conventional licenses for these programs, where new versions require purchase of a new license.

Initially launched on June 2011, this service has surpassed the sales of the conventional license sales of Microsoft Office software for the first time in the 2017 fiscal year.

One of the advantages with an office 365 connection is that you get 1 TB of extra storage in the cloud provided by OneDrive.

Now what’s the catch here? Previously Microsoft used to give license copies of the Office suite for a one-time purchase fee. Now the Microsoft office 365 cloud subscription is bases on a subscription method where you pay each month to retain access to the cloud office suite. It has its own perks while working in the cloud but the price overtime increases and it’s not viable for students and small businesses to pay that much of a premium.

Students are better off with a purchase of Home & Student version of the suite which is still available for a one-time purchase fee. But has limited options available as it includes only Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and some basic features of Outlook.

To get the full experience you need to get the subscription-based office 365. It costs either $99.99 a year or $9.99 a month, which covers up to five computers in a household. They can include Windows PCs and/or Macs.


Facing the Strong and fierce competition in the market, Microsoft office still stands at the top of the market share (offline conventional version) and hasn’t been replaced by any one of them.

The giants in the IT industry still prefer MS Office over similar software due to its robust design and multiple applications. With constant version updates, Microsoft has prioritized their design around the user-friendly interface with improving and increasing the options in every application.

Microsoft office has been the key element in the success of an organization be it big or small. It is here to stay for long. The service has been greatly applauded by all corners of the world. And people have got real benefits from it.

Google Suite of Apps known as G-Suite is steadily catching up and has already given a tough competition to the cloud-based Office 365 in the US.

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