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Updated: May 10, 2020

How to get free access to nano-degree programs of Udacity

Udacity is the most respectable and recognized MOOC platform as it doesn’t only provide simple course certificates rather, they give nano-degree certificates. These nano-degree courses can get you a job and they provide career services also to get you in the industry after you complete your degree.

What I have personally observed while I myself was enrolled in one of the courses i.e. Front-End Web Development, the course was heavily focused on project-based learning. I have previously completed Coursera courses also but they lack in this area. Also, the instructors here in Udacity seem to be very encouraging, enthusiastic and a little entertaining. The videos materials are interesting to watch when compared to other platforms. In the Front-End Web Development course only, there were 7 projects which were based on current industry standards.

Now coming to the main part, how to gain access to Udacity Nanodegree and that too for free.

Generally, Udacity doesn’t provide free access but in this very worse condition of COVID-19 pandemic they are offering their courses for free for a period of 1-month. Here’s how can you gain access while being in India or any other country in which Udacity is not running the program:


1. Set up a VPN service so that you can switch your location to other supported country in which their free for 1-month campaign is running.

In my case I am using Setup VPN which you can download from Chrome Web store and add it as a chrome extension. You can use any VPN service of your choice.

2. Once you are done with the setup of your VPN or if you had already installed one previously, next thing to do is to connect to the VPN server with country set as Italy.

3. Now open on your browser.

Once you open Udacity with VPN you will see this banner of free access for 1-month.

You can verify by turning off your VPN and accessing the site. It will give no such offer rather; it will give an offer as discount in view of COVID-19 impact which when I applied got a 40% discount that is still very costly for many Indians to afford.

4. Now just click on enroll today, give all the relevant information. Select the course you want to do and then it will ask for payment details. Give all the payment details and transact with Udacity so the nano-degree program gets started for you.

5. Before the end of the month be sure to cancel the subscription otherwise, you’ll be charged for the next month. Which you will find under Settings->Subscription and Billing.

Hurrah! Now you’ve got your free access to Udacity nano-degree but, the catch here is you have to complete the whole course and projects in a span of 1-month which is totally possible. As it is a self-paced course platform you need not worry about the deadlines. Deadlines are there for indicative purpose only. As soon as you complete your project you can submit it for grading.

The only thing you have to do is study genuinely and give your best to complete the projects as they follow a strict guideline while checking. If you get to achieve the certificate it will be an accomplishment for you which you’ll be very proud of and can share in LinkedIn or attach in your CV/Resume. They will ask for career support also if you need that.

Go on! Study.

Nothing is Stopping you.

I believe in you.

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